• MOJO Crow
    MOJO Crow
    MOJO has redesigned the MOJO Crow, still using the dual shaft,
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  • Super Critter
    Super Critter
    The SUPER CRITTER is truly a case of the “BEST GETTING BETTER”. The MOJO ...
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  • Pick Stick
    Pick Stick
    MOJO has developed the most convenient easy way to pick up empty ...
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  • MOJO Scoot & Shoot
    MOJO Scoot & Shoot
    The SCOOT & SHOOT is MOJO’s REVOLUTIONARY new turkey ...
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  • MOJO Quarter Pounder
    MOJO Quarter Pounder
    MOJO’s Quarter Pounder is a highly effective, remote controlled,
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  • MOJO Shake-n Jake
    MOJO Shake-n Jake
    MOJO, The World Leader in Decoys has teamed with Mr. Turkey himself, Preston ...
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  • MOJO Tail Jerker
    MOJO Tail Jerker
    The MOJO Tail Jerker is essentially the same decoy as the MOJO’s ...
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