• 12V Charger

  • Charging Adapter

  • Flyway Feeder 12V Charger

  • MOJO 12V Car Charger

    Heavy-duty 12-volt DC car charger utilizing cigarette lighter for power. Made for charging rechargeable AA batteries (never try to charge non-rechargeable batteries) in the MOJO DOUBLE TROUBLE CALLING SYSTEM and other devices that have a 3.5mm charging port and use 12-volt rechargeable batteries. AA battery car charger includes 12 feet of chord, approximately ½ coiled to provide 6 feet for easy storage and portability. Great for charging on the go or in remote places with no electricity and for keeping your rechargeable batteries up during long hunts (change between stands).

  • MOJO Mallard® 6-Volt Battery Charger