battery holder

  • 4 AA Battery Pack

    This 4 AA battery pack/case connects to the factory installed wiring harness inside the decoy.

    Mojo battery pack compatible with:

    VooDoo Dove HW2300
    Teal HW8101
    Blue Wing Teal HW2435
    Critter HW5121
    Wing Thang HW4210
    Screamin’ Woody HW2302
    Pigeon HW2410
    Woodpecker HW8104

  • 6 AA Battery Pack

    Battery holder for MOJO Gadwall

  • Battery Holder: MOJO

    This battery holder is designed to secure the 6-volt (HW1013) UB645 rechargeable battery. Two bolts are inserted from the outside and bottom of the decoys and into the battery holder. Two nuts tighten onto the bolts securing the battery holder inside the decoy.

  • Flyway Feeder 12V Battery Box(New)

    12 Volt Battery Box for Flyway Feeder