MOJO Mama Jama

  • TOP OF ITS CLASS: All-in-one, best on the market multi-purpose duck hunting motion decoy
  • TIME-TESTED, GUARANTEED PERFORMANCE: Proven method of effective duck hunting; spinning wing motion, movement, and sound attracts ducks from long distances
  • MAKE YOUR SPREAD COME TO LIFE: Moves on the water producing realistic ripples and the most important "V"-like wake which is one of the most visible ways flying ducks locate ducks on the water
  • EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO START BAGGING MORE GREENHEADS: Includes a mallard hen body (The Mama), floating base with propulsion pump for motion, and a orifice discharge to make ripples and natural water sounds
  • HUNT ALL DAY LONG: Tested long lasting battery life; runs up to 8 hours on 12-volt rechargeable battery (included)
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Realistic Motion

Spinning wings plus water motion

Battery Life

6-8 Hours on Full Charge

Body Style

Mallard hen (the Mama)

Intermittent Timer

Adds more realism

Product Info

The MAMA JAMA is a highly effective, multi-purpose duck hunting tool that combines the ability of a spinning wing decoy to attract ducks from long distances with the natural motion and sounds made by live ducks as they move on the water. All good duck hunters know that ducks see motion 2 to 3 times better than humans do. The MAMA JAMA allows you to use that to your advantage by combining several of the desirable types of motion in one decoy. In addition to the spinning wing concept, it moves on the water and produces ripples and moving water sounds and more importantly produces the “V” that ducks make on the water as they swim. This “V” is one of the most visible ways flying ducks locate ducks on the water. An intermittent timer provides extreme realism. This decoy was specially designed by the MOJO Crew to be a “duck killing machine”! Includes a Mallard Hen Body (The Mama), specially designed floating base with propulsion pump to move the decoy in a natural way and a orifice discharge to make ripples and natural water sounds, all contained in a single realistic floating unit.  Anchored by a 36” X 4 oz. MOJO Texas Rig (NOT INCLUDED). Complete with 12-volt rechargeable battery and charger.  Runs 6-8 hours on fully charged battery.  Give ducks a new and totally natural look.


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