MOJO® Texas Style Decoy Rig (2oz -36" length)

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MOJO® Flock a Flickers® (6 pack)
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Product Info

Texas style 2 oz. rig made specifically for the MOJO® Flock A Flickers® and can easily be stored in the MOJO® Flock A Flicker® Decoy Bag. The Texas Style system is simplicity and utilizes 36 in. heavy duty (400#) mono line which is tangle free, connected to the decoy by a snap which allows the decoy to slide naturally to the weight when picked up, with a loop in the upper end allowing a dozen to be secured by a simple carbineer. There is no better, or quicker, or more tangle free system for your Flock A Flickers®. Available in a pack of 6.

Key Features

  • NO MORE HASSLE: The ultimate easily-transportable, quickly-deployable, and tangle-free decoy rigging system on the market
  • EASY TO SETUP: Loop at the upper ends of lines allows for lines to be secured together with a simple carabineer, securing your MOJO® Flock A Flicker® decoys.
  • FLAWLESS DESIGN: Connect your small, lightweight Flock a Flickers® with a simple snap to heavy-duty (400#) mono line which allows them to slide naturally to the weight when picked up.
  • EASY TO STORE: Easily store them with your Flock A Flickers® inside the Flock A Flicker® Bag
  • SAVE YOURSELF TIME AND FRUSTRATION: Forget wrapping cumbersome decoy cords and weights around your decoys.  The Texas Style rig is a far-superior alternative alternative to traditional rigging systems.
  • COMES IN A 6 PACK: Build exclusively for the MOJO® Flock A Flicker® decoys.
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