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MOJO® Flock a Flickers® (6 pack)
MOJO® Flock A Flicker® - Wing
MOJO® Texas Style Decoy Rig (2oz -36" length)
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Heavy Duty


Holds 6 Flock a Flickers

Product Info

MOJO®'s Flock A Flickers® have proved to be one of the most popular items in waterfowling. The theory behind the “flock" is multiple units that come 6 to a pack.

MOJO® introduces the Flock A Flicker® Bag, built exclusively to hold a 6 pack of MOJO® Flock A Flickers® to take on all waterfowl conditions and provide protection against moisture and abuse in the field. It includes six padded, velcro (removable) compartments that the unit base with rigs attached snuggly fit into to ensure there is no shifting during travel. The internal lid of the bag contains a mesh zippered pocket for the wings and a waterproof, zippered pocket for other small accessories like batteries.

+ Exclusively built to fit 6 pack of MOJO® Flock A Flickers® with rigs attached

+ Six padded, removable compartments

+ Zippered interior mesh pocket

+ Zippered interior waterproof pocket

+ Adjustable shoulder strap

+ Heavy duty exterior for extra protection

+ Also accommodates the Dove A Flickers

The rugged and durable exterior is weather resistant. It has a non-slip, adjustable shoulder strap and comfortable, padded carry handle. Loop zipper pulls and two D-rings on the front provide for extra convenience and easy access when in the field.

Throw the bag over your shoulder, unzip the lid, set the Flock A Flickers® out, and make your spread come to life. It’s that simple! Decoys not included.

Size: 6"H x 17"W x 6"D
Camo pattern: Realtree MAX-5®

Key Features

  • KEEP YOUR DECOYS SAFE: Exclusively built to fit 6 pack of MOJO® Flock A Flickers® with rigs attached
  • PADDED AND REMOVABLE COMPARTMENTS: House your decoys with rigs attached
  • ZIPPERED WATERPROOF INTERIOR POCKET: Keep your phone, extra batteries, etc. safe.
  • ADJUSTABLE SHOULDER STRAP: To allow for easy and comfortable carrying to and from the blind.
  • HEAVY DUTY EXTERIOR: Extra protection for your MOJO® Flock A Flickers® 
3.7/5 from 3 ratings.
Summary rating
Great concept, bad design
1 months ago.
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I was excited to get this bag in, but when it came in I was concerned at how tight of a fit it was and the shafts were pushing against each other. Just needs to be a little bit wider. The Velcro dividers are pretty much useless. I was using a soft lunch box before, and I am going to go back to it so I don't get damaged equipment from the bag.
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  • Holden Smith 26 days ago.
    Hi Kyle,

    You are the first to report that the slots were too small to fit the Flock a Flickers. They do fit snugly into each slot, but there will not be any damage the Flock a Flickers with them pushing against the padded dividers. You don't want them moving around a lot during travel and carrying. The Velcro dividers are there to secure your Flock a Flickers so they do not rub or hit against each other. There's also enough space to store the Flock a Flickers with the weights attached, so there's a little extra room in there.
Great product, but...
1 years ago.
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Okay so I like the idea they had in mind for the decoy bag and it seems like it will work fine in the field during hunts. Especially to keep the flock a flickers off the bottom of the boat in the morning heading to the blind.

Pros: It being waterproof is a major plus and having pouches for the wings and extra batteries makes it a must have. Its not extremely heavy with all 6 in the bag and doesn't take up much space at all.

Cons: I don't like the dividers inside. The velcro dividers that are inside are unnecessary. I'm not using this bag as a sh*l* bag or anything else but to carry these decoys. I don't know why I need to have the ability to take out the dividers. It makes it kind of ridiculous putting them back in after making a hunt with the dividers separating from the bag causing headache and frustration.

My last complaint is the video for the product from Mojo states they have rubber grommets on the bottom to keep it up off the ground. They do not have this. Well at least the one I bought. As far as I'm concern it will work fine for what I need it to and like I said I like the idea and the concept just a few things I didn't. It does it's main purpose keeping them from rolling around in the boat and making them easier to carry then trying to carry 6 of them in your hands. Hope this helps.
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Great product but had a few issues.
11 days ago.
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I bought the flockaflicker kit from cabelas 6 units 6 rigs and this bag. The flickers didnt come in the bag they came in a clear plastic container in witch they were all bent... all the little shafts were bent. So i had to bend them to as straight as i could get them. When I packed them in the bag for opening morning I was as thinking I probably just screwed up and was going to regret the purchase but I cant say try hey ever got bent from being in the bag. I still love the flickers and 5 out of 6 still work. And I will be buying more of them in the future. The bag worked like a champ for me.
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