MOJO® Big Mouth - Ammo Bag

+ Stay organized in the field

+ Never run out of shots 

+ Attaches to just about anywhere with straps and D-strings

+ Keep everything in place 

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MOJO® has developed the most user-friendly ammo bag for use in blind or on the belt. The MOJO® Big Mouth Ammo Bag is specially designed to hold ammo and small accessories in such a way as to be easily and quickly accessible but still not spill. Taking a lesson from carpenter’s tool bags, which have been in use for years for the same purpose, this bag has straps and D-rings to easily attach to blinds plus a wide belt loop to allow hanging from the belt which make it a very handy shell belt bag. Approximately 9” x 4” x 10” it will easily hold more ammo than one will shoot in one hunt. Has side pocket within to hold small accessories.

+ STAY ORGANIZED IN THE FIELD: Multi-purpose bag, use in your hunting blind or on your belt

+ NEVER RUN OUT OF SHOTS: Will easily hold enough ammo for one hunt

+ ATTACHES JUST ABOUT ANYWHERE: Easy to use straps and D-rings to attach to hunting blind or belt

+ SIZE: Approximately measures 9 x 4 x 10 inches

+ KEEP EVERYTHING IN ITS PLACE: Features additional side pocket for small accessories

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