MOJO® Butt Up Rippler

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Battery Life

6-8 Hours on 4AA batteries

Ultra Realistic Feathering

Removable Screw Lock Housing

Lifelike Water Motion

Product Info

The MOJO Butt-Up Rippler presents a natural image of a feeding mallard with the ripples that would be associated with that,  and is intended to compliment the Mallard Duck Rippler available last year. These Ripples were developed as a result of a special request by Jase Robertson of Duck Commander, a world class duck hunter who understands that realistic ripples on the water accurately simulate live ducks, thus greatly increasing the attractiveness of your spread to other ducks.

Arguably the most efficient way to add realistic motion to a decoy spread, these two decoys were developed by two of the biggest names in waterfowling, MOJO and Duck Commander, to be simple, effective and user friendly. Based on an accurate carving of a feeding mallard. The Butt-Up and the Mallard give a totally different “look” but with the same, and interchangeable vibrating mechanism. Brings not only life, but realistic life to an otherwise “dead” decoy spread. Operates on 4- AA batteries, not included.

Key Features

  • TOP OF ITS CLASS: Innovative life-like design
  • BRING YOUR SPREAD TO LIFE: Realistic mallard drake body in the "butt-up" feeding position
  • PROVEN DESIGN TO COAX IN MORE GREENHEADS: Specifically designed motion to create ripples just like live ducks
  • STAY IN THE BLIND ALL DAY: Operates up to 6-8 hours on 4 AA batteries (not included)
  • BUILT TO LAST A LIFETIME OF HUNTING: Easy battery installation through removable screw-lock housing

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Duck Commander Approved - MOJO Butt Up Rippler Motion Decoy
3.0/5 from 2 ratings.
Summary rating
Works for 2-3 hunts
10 months ago.
Your review
I got one of these for Christmas this year and 6 hunts into January it was just an expensive, lopsided feeder but. Changed batteries in the middle of my last hunt this year (after replacing the batteries before leaving the house that morning) and it would barely turn on. No worries though, I can pay to ship it back to MOJO (even though shipping for a functioning product had already been paid) for a new one. I would recommend looking elsewhere for your ripple effect needs.
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  • Chris 25 days ago.
    Just got one a few days ago. Tried it on three different hunts....pitiful performance. I can get it work out of the water, but once I put it in the water....nothing. Tried switching batteries just in case I got some duds. No change. Tried putting a lighter weight because I thought maybe the Texas rig I had was too heavy for it. Went to a small bullet weight. No change. Housing is screwed on tight, so it’s not a water damage issue.
    • Holden Smith 21 days ago.
      Chris. It's very odd that the Rippler works out of the water but not in. Please submit your info on our contact page: ( https://www.mojooutdoors.com/index.php/contact ) or give us a call at 866-216-6656 so we can get you fixed up with a repair or replacement! Our decoy technicians will be happy to help figure out what's going on!
  • Holden Smith 10 months ago.
    Josh. Sorry to hear your Rippler isn't working as it should. Enter your info on our contact page ( https://www.mojooutdoors.com/index.php/contact ) and our service techs will get in touch with you. We stand behind our products 110% and want you to get the best possible hunt with them. Most likely, it will need to be sent in for repair, which is covered under warranty. However, as outlined in our warranty card included in every product, the shipping and handling costs are the responsibility of the customer (info also found here: https://www.mojooutdoors.com/index.php/warranty ). We look forward to hearing from you and working towards a solution!
    • Holden Smith 10 months ago.
      @Josh Josh: Our policy has been the same for years and is very similar to most in the industry. We apologize that you received a unit with a defect, but sometimes this happens. However, we will gladly fix your product if you send it in!
    • Josh 10 months ago.
      I contacted your team before leaving the review. Your representative said “it sounds like a faulty on/off switch.” So, because your team sent me a product that likely has factory defects, to get a functioning product I now have to pay extra shipping for the product I should have gotten in the first place. This rippler worked for less than one month. Your policies need amending.

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