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Great White Shark spotted in 3 ft of Water

Dale Pearson, resident of Puertecitos in Baja California, Mexico, spotted what appeared to be a stranded hammerhead shark or beached whale in shallow waters.  He decided to take a closer look, but to much of his surprise, he waded out to come face to face with a Great White Shark.

Pearson filmed the 15 feet long shark with his camera phone as it thrashed around in 3 feet of water.

According to the video, this Great White Shark was most likely in shallow water to hunt stingrays, and appears to be injured by a boat propeller of some kind. In the video, the shark appears to have a large wound near the dorsal fin.  However, Pearson states the shark was not mortally wounded and swam away just 30 minutes later.  In addition, this shark has been spotted several times thereafter several days apart.

Warning: Graphic Language (viewer) discretion advised.


[VIDEO] Great White Shark Breaches Cage with Diver Inside

Worst nightmare for a shark diver.

Talk about real life JAWS.  Team of divers off the coast of Mexico had the fright of their lives.  A great white shark breached the side of the cage with one diver inside.  Fortunately, both the shark and trapped diver escaped unharmed.  Although the diver got away without a scratch, he might think twice before getting back into the water.