• 4 AA Battery Cover: Critter/Wing Thang

    Replacement 4 AA battery cover. This battery cover snaps onto the housing to secure the 4 AA Battery Pack (HW9135) in the housing.

    Compatible with:

    Critter HW5121
    Wing Thang HW4210

  • 6-Volt UB645 Rechargeable Battery

    Never hit the duck blind without a spare battery for your MOJO Decoys!  This 6-volt rechargeable battery can be used as a spare or replacement for our 6-Volt MOJO motorized decoys and is compatible with our 6-Volt MOJO Wall Charger and Car Charger (not included).  It is important to follow the proper battery management tips including keeping your battery stored with some charge and periodically charging them up - even during the off season!  This ensures a reliable battery and increases the life of the battery.

  • Flyway Feeder 12V Battery

    12 volt battery for Flyway Feeder

  • Mama Jama 12 Volt Battery

  • Mama Jama Battery Box

  • Turkey Battery Holder

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