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Hammertime Wildlife Attractant - 5lb bag HW2451

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HammerTime Wildlife Attractant is formulated with a blend of agricultural meals and natural sugars and salts that provide a strong aroma to bring deer in from long distances and keep them hooked with it’s unmatched taste. Use the deer’s keen senses to beat him at his own game.

HOW IT WORKS: HWA works in stages referred to the “association process.”


The first stage of this process is smell. HWA is formulated with a very strong, sweet aroma that pulls deer from long distances and keeps them returning on a regular basis.


The second stage is taste. HWA is a premium blend of several agricultural meals along with natural sugars and salt. These flavors are unmatched by competitors.


Once a deer completes the “association process” of aroma and taste, they become hooked. After the association is made, the only time the deer need to smell it is when you’re hunting.


Crude Protein……………7.2% min.

Crude Fat……………2.75% min.

Crude Fiber……………2.60% max.

Ingredients: corn, rice bran, rice, soy bean meal, dried beet pulp, dehydrated alfalfa meal, cane sugar, molasses, artificial and natural flavorings.

Proudly made in the U.S.A.

**ALLERGY WARNING -- HWA MAY CONTAIN PEANUT PRODUCTS. HWA meets the definition of bait.  Know the baiting laws in your area before purchase or use. All of the HWA plastic bags pose a choking hazard. Keep HWA bags and allplastic bags away from small children. HWA will attract bears. Use with discretion in areas with bear populations.**

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