MOJO® Flock a Flickers® (6 pack)

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  • BRING YOUR SPREAD TO LIFE: Mimics the flash given off by real ducks
  • EASY TO USE: Includes 6 units pre-programmed with random ON/OFF times
  • BUILT TO LAST: Housed in waterproof casing
  • WILL RUN ALL DAY LONG: Operates up to 30 hours on 3 AA batteries (not included)
  • VERSATILE: Works great with dove and pigeon
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Magnetic Wings

Battery Life

30 Hours on 3 AA Batteries

Random Timers

Intermittent Flashes

Product Info

FLOCK A FLICKERS® present a new and unseen application of the spinning wing concept that proved to be a revolution in duck hunting and offers a concept that more nearly mimics real ducks. They are a patent pending “series” of half dozen small spinning wings, with specially designed timers that produce momentary, random flashes or strobes of the spinning wing characteristics, all designed to mimic those same flashes given off by a flock of real ducks. Spinning wing decoys have been the greatest aid to duck hunting in the history of duck hunting, but lots of ducks have been fooled by them.

NOW, the same phenomenal concept but in a whole new, and more realistic look. Designed for use in dry fields and in the water. Operates up to 30 hours on 3 AA batteries (not included). Check out our Dove A Flickers for doves and pigeons

- Spinning wing benefits in an all new look

- Mimics the flash given off by a flock of real ducks

- Designed for dry fields or water

- Includes 6 units pre-programed with random on/off timers

- Operates up to 30 hours on 3 AA batteries

- **Re-engineered water-tight housing**

 Check out our specially designed Flock A Flickers®bag to house all 6 of your Flock A Flickers®

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2017-09-04 10:54
How do I tell if the ones I am buying are the new engineered design for better water tightness?
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2017-09-18 08:37
I own several Mojo products. And while they all tend to feel a little homemade they all work and have for many years. I ignored the negative reviews on Amazon because of this. This 6 pack of FAF, however has set a new low for Mojo. Out of the box 3 of the 6 FAF do not work. I even went and bought new AA batteries thinking mine had to be old or something. Even with new batteries only half work. I had planned on taking these on a hunting trip this weekend so needless to say I'm disappointed. But even more so in Mojo. Hopefully they will do good and replace them. I won't return and get another box that's half working.
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2017-09-27 08:22
They look awesome in a decoy spread. I mean awesome. I'm ready for big duck season to be able to have them all out in a big spread. All of them worked out the box had no issues on that front. My only issue is that I live in Southern Louisiana and mainly hunt saltwater marsh. And if you know anything about saltwater and metal you know where I'm going with this. I used only three for the start of teal season. Never been a big spread hunter during teal season. Well like I was saying saltwater and some metals don't work well together. I already have 3 that are starting to rust. The mechanics still work and they still spin but I have a very strong feeling they will only make one season. Which I believe Mojo is happy about since I will have to purchase new ones next year if they work like I'm hoping they do with the ducks. So if you hunt saltwater be ready for some rust. Might want to try to spray them down with something to keep them from rusting and spraying them off when you get home. Not sure. Just wanted everyone to be aware.
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2017-09-30 05:36
Right out of the box all 6 worked...later, while out hunting one stopped. Checked batteries and that is not the issue. Now I have 5... Not pleased
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2017-10-15 21:25
Great success on the water. Really nice and if hunt out if a boat in deaper water. One didn’t work right away but I spun it with my fingers and that freed something up and I haven’t had a problem since. I like that they use AA batteries and not something unique.

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