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MOJO Tail Chaser Max

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MOJO revolutionized turkey hunting in the last few years with the introduction of the MOJO Scoot & Shoot style of turkey hunting by use of the Tail Chaser and Scoot & Shoot Decoys, both developed to facilitate the most aggressive and exciting style of turkey hunting where they come to you (aggressively) instead of you going to them, often called fanning. The Tail Chaser was a convenient method whereby the turkey fan (decoy) was attached to the shotgun barrel. The new Tail Chaser Max contains the basic original barrel clamp and support legs which allows the hunter to set the shotgun on the ground while it remains erect and to remain hidden behind it without holding the gun. Improvements in the Max version include an oversize fan to better hide the hunter with a gobbler head for added realism, comes with a redesigned hub to allow both the artificial fan furnished with the decoy along with a special hub that allows use of a real fan.

The hub mounting system has been redesigned to provide for more sight picture down the barrel and the use of optical sights.

Scoot and Shoot style of turkey hunting is not only the most exciting but adds a dimension to turkey hunting as it works best after the first few hours of daylight, after the gobblers are henned up, or grouped up in open spaces. So when calling is falling off later in the day, look for gobblers in the open and Scoot and Shoot them with the Tail Chaser Max.

Once you experience how turkeys behave when your face is behind a turkey fan, it becomes easy to see why you should never hunt with this fan on your gun barrel even when calling. 

Included are:

  • Oversized, removable fan reduces turkey's ability to detect you
  • Redesigned fan hub that accommodates artificial and real fans
  • Erect legs to conveniently hold your gun upright on the ground
  • Realistic gobbler head painted on fan
  • Extremely portable and folds for easy carry
  • Beneficial for calling, creeping, and fanning
  • Allows you to go to them when they won't come to you
  • Redesigned housing elevated to accommodate scopes


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Can't wait to use it again!
8 months ago.
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Just bought this recently. Used it for the first time this past Friday in Ohio and killed a 21.6lb turkey! I love how it folds up. I keep it in my vest so when the opportunity at a big Tom in the field came up I took it out and stalked up on him. He didn't like it and started walking to me which was a fatal mistake! I have seen a lot of different types of fans but this is so convenient to carry and set up. Can't wait to use it again!
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