MOJO® Scoot-N Shoot

  • ALL NEW TAKE ON TURKEY HUNTING: Allows for the most exciting Turkey hunting expericene!
  • GET REALLY CLOSE TO THAT OLD GOBBLER: Hide face and body and creep close to turkeys
  • CREATES UNFORGETTABLE TURKEY HUNTING EXPERIENCES: Mature gobblers often charge Turkey Decoy to create the ultimate close shot experience
  • FLAWLESS DESIGN: Easy to use, built in handle and ground stake
  • VERSATILE: Realistic removable tail and attachable hub
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The SCOOT-N SHOOT is MOJO®’s REVOLUTIONARY new turkey decoy that allows the hunter to participate in the most effective and exciting way to hunt turkeys. It is a Boss Gobbler Decoy with built in handle and ground stake that is especially designed to be used in the very effective “Turkey Reaping” method of hunting, where the hunter can spot turkeys and by covering their face, and as much of their body as they can with the decoy, actually crawl (or creep) upon turkeys. Once a mature gobbler detects what he instantly recognizes as a “strange” gobbler entering his space, they will most times charge the decoy, allowing very close and extremely exciting shots.  If the hunter will hide their facial area behind the decoy, the turkeys do not seem to notice the remainder of the body. The decoy has flared wings to offer more area to cover the hunter’s body and is equipped with hunter orange strips for safety. Doubles as a stationary gobbler decoy.

Complete with realistic silk removable tail (fan) and includes easily attachable hub that accommodates a real fan for the ultimate in realism.

WARNING – This decoy makes the hunter look like a long beard, boss gobbler. Do NOT use on public land, leases or anywhere other hunters might be present and could mistake you for a real turkey! Use only in very controlled hunting areas.

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My son and I love the scoot and shoot
9 months ago.
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I just wanted to drop you a line or two and tell you how much my son and I love the scoot and shoot. My son has killed several birds using it. I started using it last year and killed my first bird with it last year. We used them on a bird last year, which was the first time I had actually seen it pull a Tom in like he was on a sting. I let my son take the shot. I got a bird this year within five minutes of total hunting time and my son got one within about three minutes total hunting time. Five birds came to my son. I tell everyone that they should get one. I wish I would have had one years ago when I first started turkey hunting. Thanks for a great product.
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