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MOJO Pick Stick HW2411

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pick_stick_1_516016489Mojo Pick Stick

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Magnetic Shotgun Shell Retriever

MOJO has developed the most convenient easy way to pick up empty shotgun hulls in the field, utilizing a specially designed magnet mounted into an easy to use, adjustable “staff”. Will pick up as many as 25 hulls at a time. Easily raked off into a bag, bucket, etc. Light weight and handy, adjust from 32 ½” to 55 ½”. Comfortable and convenient handle. Never bend over to pickup hulls again. Works in water or on dry land. 

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2017-04-24 10:10
I just wanted to jot down a few lines to tell you about how much me and my buddies love the Mojo Pick Sticks. I first saw them in use on the show where you were shooting pigeons and knew right off that I had to have some for duck hunting. I hunt over flooded rice from a buried, metal, 4 man blind and for years have been using an extended handled "grabber" to retrieve the hulls within reach of my blind. It was a major pain in the rear using that thing and plenty of frustration went along with it. Anyway I saw your tool and thought what a great Christmas present for my hunting buddies it would be, so I bought 6 of them! Our waterfowl season opens in late October, so I just went ahead and gave them their Xmas presents a little early. They were a big hit, and with that strong magnet we are able to retrieve shells way beyond what the reach of the grabber was. So then several of those buddies purchased some for their other circle of friends for Christmas, too. Of course they'll see plenty of use, come September, in the upcoming dove season and the water fowl seasons to come.

Anyway, I just wanted to say thank you for a great product! Oh, by the way, I also own 2 teal Mojos, a Gadwall mojo, a mallard Mojo that my buddy gave me in Nebraska many, many years ago (which still works perfect!) and a couple of Mojo doves. So I'm not a stranger to some great, innovative, Mojo products ...

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