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Responding to many requests, MOJO introduces a handy and user friendly extension pole for its wildly popular predator decoy, the MOJO Critter. Use when needed to get decoy top above vegetation. A two piece unit consisting of a square stake into which a 9” ground spike is screwed to make a 18” extension. The square peg portion of the decoy body fits into the square stake. When not in use, the spike is stored conveniently inside the stake making it easily carried in your pocket. A MUST for every predator hunter who uses the MOJO Critter.

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Solid Product!
3 months ago.
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I just received this product. Super fast shipping.
For some reason I thought the square part would be made of plastic, it's made of metal which makes more sense. You can pound it into the ground with a rock if you have to.
The steel spike comes in a plastic tube to keep it from rattling around when it's inside the square part. A nice feature.
It's surprisingly light weight for being an all metal product and is small enough to fit into a pocket.
With the spike pounded into the ground all the way, the pole raises the fur part of the decoy up to 26 inches as opposed to 18 inches without it.
A solid product.
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