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MOJO® Multi Decoy Remote Kit

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In the modern age of duck hunting, most hunters use multiple motion decoys and especially multiple SWD’s. It is oftentimes necessary to turn these off when hunting either highly pressured ducks and especially geese on short approach. Remotes that existed up until now were not suitable to do this as they used a single button for both on and off and were not reliable, resulting in turning some on while turning others off. Leave it to MOJO® - the all new Multiple Decoy Remote utilizes separate “On” and “Off” buttons so that if any decoy should not turn on or off at the first try, then one can send that signal again without it changing the opposite signal. Comes wired to plug into any MOJO® decoy equipped wit the remote receptacle. Will control an unlimited number of decoys within operating range up to 60 yards from one transmitter.

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2017-01-30 08:20
what is the maximum number of decoys one remote can turn on and off.
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2017-11-13 10:30
The idea and purpose of the remote control is excellent. That being said, I could not be more disappointed with this product. I bought my first remote kit on Wednesday(11/08/17), installed the receiver on my decoy, and the antenna broke the first time I tried to test the product. So, I return the product to Cabelas on Thursday(11/09/17), and get a new remote. Two days later, I am getting my decoys ready for the next morning when I plan to hunt. I am looking over my gear, and when I try to test my Mojo, the remote light is very faint and the decoy will not turn on. I press the button multiple times until finally the decoy turns on. The antenna was extended, and I was only maybe a foot away from the decoy. When I try to turn the decoy off, I encounter the same issue. The remote doesn't even work half the time. The end result, I didn't get to use my Mojo the next morning. I will be returning this product. Now my only question is should I ask for an exchange or just not waste anymore of my time with the remote, and ask for a full refund. It is very convenient and a great idea. I just wish it was much more reliable. I have owned Mojo products for over three years and would never expect this kind of product quality. I really hope you can start producing a more reliable product for this remote!

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