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March 28 - 2:00am
March 30 - 5:30am
April 01 - 2:30am
April 01 - 2:30pm


"Days of Texas Thunder"



Gobbling long beards keep spirits high as Mike Morgan and Preston Pittman compete in the Clay County Turkey Fest Competition in Texas. Both Preston and Mike get a shot behind the Stoeger but which will put down a hammer? Gobble Gobble Bang!


April 04 - 2:00am
April 06 - 5:30am
April 08 - 2:30am
April 08 - 2:30pm


"Every Gobbler Comes with a Price"



Jared Chesnut shares his experiences from a painful yet successful Turkey season. It seems each long beard harvest comes with a price. Swollen and sore, Jared battles through Kansas thunderstorms and Tennessee heat and manages kills with the Mojo Scoot and Shoot. Bad break after bad break still can’t keep the turkeys out of killing range of Jared’s Stoeger.


April 11 - 2:00am
April 13 - 5:30am
April 15 - 2:30am
April 15 - 2:30pm


"In Memory of JJ Kent"



Mike Morgan reflects back at one of the most fun waterfowl hunts of the season. A mixed bag hunt in Texas with JJ Kent. Since the filming of this episode, JJ passed away leaving a lasting impression on the entire hunting industry. Hunters share stories and say farewell to a close friend. This episode is for JJ.


April 18 - 2:00am
April 20 - 5:30am
April 22 - 2:30am
April 22 - 2:30pm


"Bluewing Beatdown"



Terry and Mike look forward to September each year for their annual Blue Wing Teal hunt. From the swamps of Louisiana to the prairies of Texas, the early migration of Blue Wing Teal light up the early morning sky. It’s face paced decoying action all right in front of the blind.


April 25 - 2:00am
April 27 - 5:30am
April 29 - 2:30am
April 29 - 2:30pm


"The Magnificent and Mysterious Brite Ranch"



Terry heads to the historic and scenic Brite Ranch to hunt Mule deer. The ranch has a history for producing Mule deer and this year will be no different. Terry invites his close friend Joe Beal to join in on the hunt. All is well until Joe goes missing. 

May 02 - 2:00am
May 04 - 5:30am
May 06 - 2:30am
May 06 - 2:30pm


"Coyote Madness in Kansas"



Terry Denmon joins up with Stoeger 3 gun shooter Ryan Muller for some winter time coyote calling. Below zero wind chills won’t stop the hunt as coyotes come racing to the call. Terry shares tips for success and is even prepared when an unexpected robber makes off with his decoy.



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