March 20, 2017

[VIDEO] Two-year-old Catches her First Fish

Hard to believe this two year old girl is catching her first fish, and her…
March 20, 2017

[VIDEO] Eagle Takes Down Deer

Talk about fast food! Watch as this golden eagle takes down a fully grown deer.
February 27, 2017

[VIDEO] Great Blue Heron Eats Gator in One Gulp

Predator becomes prey as this Heron flips the food chain around. Photographer Scott Martin was…
December 30, 2016

[VIDEO] Deer fighting Wild Turkeys

This deer is not about to share its food with these wild turkeys -- even…
December 16, 2016

[VIDEO] Deer Crashes into Home on Christmas Eve

While this family was waiting for Santa and his Reindeer to land on their roof,…
December 14, 2016

[VIDEO] Moving an Insane Amount of Turkeys

How many turkeys do you see shown here?? If this doesn't get your blood pumping…

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