MOJO Tail Chaser HW2306

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Product Description

The most experienced turkey hunters know that (while it may not seem reasonable) a hunter can actually “hide” behind a single gobbler fan, allowing the hunter to call even wise old gobblers to within gun range when they have little to no cover, or even slip up on them. To allow all hunters to use this innovative and proven technique, MOJO Introduces the Tail Chaser, which is the only decoy, made for the Tail Gunner and Turkey Fanner. Experience a whole new world of turkey hunting. Tail fanning is an aggressive, mobile hunt that allows you to effectively hunt places that might otherwise seem impossible, such as wide-open country. The MOJO Tail Chaser allows you to clamp a tail fan to your gun: shotgun. For an aggressive, action-packed turkey hunt, get off your butt pad, use a tail fan for hands-free cover, and go right at those wary old Toms. The MOJO Tail Chaser utilizes a specially designed clamp easily attached to a gun barrel to allow the special fan to easily and quickly attach in the fanned out position, or removed and folded for easy transport. Quick, Easy and Effective!


-        Clamp our realistic fan to your shotgun.

-        Realistic Fan is Interchangeable with the MOJO Fan-Attack.

-        Go right at them or let them come running to you.


The TAIL CHASER is the most effective “run and gun” product ever devised for turkey hunting. When a decoy is too much – you’ll be amazed what you can get done with just the TAIL CHASER