MOJO Thrasher HW2303

$199.99 USD

In Stores and Online


Product Description

MOJO introduces a revolutionary method of creating motion on the water, with the ALL NEW MOJO THRASHER which mounts a MALLARD MACHINE type motor and prop horizontally-to a specially designed pole to allow use in deep (up to 3 feet) or shallow water.

Generates extreme ripples and current to move decoys and delivers natural water movement sounds. Will help keep ice out of your hole.

Features a specially designed collar and support pole, to allow easy adjustment of propeller depth.



  • Base unit comes complete with motor, prop, attachment collar, support pole and 55 feet of electrical chord with battery connector and 5 feet lead from the motor, alligator clips and on/off switch. Just add marine type 12-volt battery and ready to hunt.




  • Kit unit provides attachment collar and pole for use with your current Mallard Machine motor and prop.

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