MOJO Mallard Machine - 3-Duck Hard Wire HW63825

$179.99 USD

In Stores and Online


Product Description

MOJO Mallard Machine’s ultra-realistic motion and water movement brings your entire decoy spread to life! From the blind, by button, the hunter can choose from many motions such as diving, shaking, sitting still or thrashing water and can even be used as a de-icing mechanism! Ducks will fly right into the middle of your decoy spread just to get in on the action! Add the MOJO Mallard Machine to your decoys, and make this your best duck season ever!

MOJO Mallard Machine hardwire unit has 55 feet of heavy-duty cord with switch and is light and portable, yet rough and durable. It is made of glass filled nylon that will hold up under the most extreme usage and will work off of any 12V battery. MOJO Mallard Machine works with all types of decoys-standard, magnum and even good decoys and will operate in any water depth! (Decoys are not included.)

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