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Below is a list of my favorite sounds. I use these sounds almost exclusively on all of my stands. These sounds have it all. The high emotion, terror, fast cadence, and excitement these sounds convey have proven to be very effective in getting all predators to respond very well. Most respond very fast.

1. 160 MOJO Cottontail - This is an awesome sound that has proven effective everywhere I’ve used it. I’ve not only called LOTS coyotes and bobcats with this sound but also jackal in Africa and red fox in Alaska.

2. 144 Cottontail Rabbit - I’ve used this sound for many years and have literally called in many hundreds of coyotes and bobcats with this sound. This sound simply gets results.

3. 123 Q Jack - This sound has also been a great producer. I also use this sound even where there are no jackrabbits with very good results. It just emits a tone and cadence that triggers a response.

4. 116 Male Jack - This is also a very good prey distress sound that is very effective just about anywhere. It is a little more throaty that the previous sounds. If the previous sounds don’t strike a nerve and get a response then I throw this sound out and many times this sparks a

5. 129 WT Fawn - This is a great sound to use even in the fall. This sound is a little different in cadence than the rabbits but is a great change up call to use on stubborn coyotes.

6. 118 New Pup - Everything like puppies. This is a great sound for coyotes but I’ve also called in bobcats using this sound. This is also another good change up sound and plays on both prey as well as territorial instincts of predators.

7. Ki-Yi - I use this sound predominately after I’ve just called in and shot a coyote. Many times it gets other coyotes coming in hard. Very effective. I also use it a lot at the end of my stands to provoke a response from stubborn coyotes.


I set my four HOT Buttons on my Double Trouble with these sounds and these volume levels. I can generally get through an entire stand without ever pushing any other buttons than these four.

Hot Button 1. MOJO Cottontail set at volume 12
Hot Button 2. Cottontail Rabbit set at volume 12
Hot Button 3. Q Jack set at volume 12
Hot Button 4. KI-YI set at volume 18

Good Hunting, and God Bless,

Byron South